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Automated System to Streamline Employee Time Off Requests – Reduce Time & Cost

If you are still struggling with conventional time cards and spreadsheets to manage employee time off, then it’s time to make the switch to a fully-functional and automated time off management software. Manually calculating time offs. payable days or reduced pay pool can be cumbersome. The HR team may be spending hours fixing errors and miscalculations. That’s where WorxQ smart and intuitive leave solution, with automated features, comes into the picture.

  1. Quick access to employee time-off and leave history
  2. Multi-location holiday and time off management
  3. Time-off tracking software that fits into your workflow
  4. Upgrade and streamline your employee time-off tracking experience

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Best-in-Class Time Off Management Software Trusted By Customers

Do not waste time coordinating and managing employee time off requests on spreadsheets and paper. Our advanced time off management software brings more flexibility, accuracy, and productivity in the process. It is trusted by customers for a broad range of built-in and automated features:

  1. Absence & Time-Off Types

    Add custom leave and time-off types, determining whether they will affect allowance time, need approval, who can see them, or who they have access to.

  2. Fast & Hassle-free Onboarding

    A unique feature of our leave management system is you can set up an account quick and hassle-free. Your account will be up and running in just a few minutes.

  3. Customize Leave Policies

    When it comes to leave and time off, every company has unique specifications. With WorxQ, calculating Paid Time Off (PTO), rollovers, accrual, and leave entitlements becomes a lot simpler.

  4. Manage Holidays

    Even for remote employees, organizing holidays and time off becomes zero hassle with WorxQ. We have a centralized application to manage leaves for multiple locations.

  5. Absence Management Simplified

    A simple and intuitive tracking platform that allows employees to view how much time-off they have taken, what remains, and likewise, apply for leave via mobile devices or web. Schedule meetings knowing who is in and out of the office. Automate workflows.

  6. Reports

    Get access to top-notch reporting tools that help monitor and report on time offs. This will enable you to plan and organize your resources proactively.

  7. Integrate Into Your Workflow

    WorxQ time off management software provides options to set up a large number of departments, create auto approvals, assign supervisors and approvers, and everything that seamlessly fits into your workflow.

  8. Grant Special Time Off Requests

    Unexpected requests like maternity/paternity leaves, COVID, etc. are not covered by existing leave entitlements. WorxQ simplifies the process of tracking and managing these special time offs without any glitches.

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Benefits of WorxQ Time Off Management Software

Know why our time off management software is the best investment you can make:

  1. Ease of Use: Integration of employee self-service and simplified tracking that speeds up the time-off request and approval process.
  2. Accuracy: Automated system allows managing leave requests consistently with more accuracy and compliance with time off regulations.
  3. Flexibility: Create custom time-off types, employee allowances, tracking procedures, and approval processes.
  4. mproved Productivity: WorxQ leave management software helps automate processes and save more time that aids in improved productivity.
  5. All Aspects of Annual Time-Off in One Place: From fielding time-off requests to calculating leave entitlements, get everything on a single platform.
  6. Create & Approve Leave Requests in Seconds: Self-service system lets your employees send leave requests themselves based on which dates have been approved already. This helps avoid shortages in staff.
  1. Time Off Management Made Fast, Simple & Hassle-Free with WorxQ

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