SaaS-Based Human Resource Management System

Elevate Your HR Team’s Productivity and Performance to The Next Level

Having decades of experience building & deploying cutting-edge solutions for human resources, WorxQ offers SaaS-based HRMS that focuses on diverse areas of recruiting & onboarding, personnel tracking, training & development, payroll, and more. Our objective is to streamline all HR-related activities and reduce workload, saving more time and improving performance.

  1. HR SaaS Software power-packed with advanced features
  2. Employee self-service portal
  3. Seamless integration with the existing ecosystem
  4. Improve decision making with HR analytics
  5. A comprehensive suite of products for effective human resource management

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Key Benefits of WorxQ SaaS-Based HRMS

  1. Improve HR productivity

    One of the primary reasons why thousands of global clients trust WorxQ SaaS-based HRMS is the ability to improve the productivity of HR teams. Automate cumbersome processes that otherwise require significant time and effort.

  2. Expedite HR processes with employee self-service

    WorxQ SaaS-based HRM system features a self-service format. Complex and time-consuming activities that were earlier managed by HR teams, including employment application processing, background verifications, benefits administration, etc. can now be handled by employees themselves.

  3. Significant cost savings

    WorxQ SaaS HR applications offer remarkable cost savings over other on-premise software. Traditional HR solutions are often costlier and not a viable option for small and medium-sized businesses. Our HRM solution is more cost-effective and ensures valuable SaaS-based offerings in the market today.

  4. Cloud-based computing

    Our cloud-based HRM service helps avoid hefty capital investments involved with the acquisition, deployment and maintenance of on-premise HRM software. The web-based solution allows you to access the software from anywhere and on any device.

  5. Track employee data in real-time

    Unlike conventional on-premise HRM software delivery, our SaaS-based HRMS enables organizations to access and manage employee data in real-time. This helps you make strategic decisions at the right time.

  6. Highly scalable

    Our SaaS HR application is scalable, which allows organizations to quickly and easily integrate additional features with less hassle. This gives you more flexibility to improve your HR functions as the business scales and grows.

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Features of Our SaaS-Based HRM Solution

Here’s what makes WorxQ SaaS-based HRMS the most preferred choice for clients globally:

  1. Accelerated HR Service Management: Our SaaS-based HRM solution is intelligently designed to help you organize the work environment through faster and streamlined service management. Using chatbots and virtual assistance, you can handle complex HR tasks as well as maintain a knowledge base and employee handbook. We also ensure high levels of security of your HR procedures and policies.
  2. Employee Data Management & Tracking: One of the biggest challenges for an HR manager is to maintain employee databases, and records. We make it simple and hassle-free by providing a single platform to store and systematically organize all employee data. Our cutting-edge software also stores all transactions throughout the employment life cycle, including service portal, employee benefits, and much more.
  3. Effective Workforce Management : WorxQ SaaS-based HRMS can manage diverse aspects of workforce management, including attendance & absence, employee scheduling, payroll administration, tracking, and reporting. Better workforce management would mean more efficient & motivated staff and improved productivity.
  4. Talent Management: The smart and intuitive SaaS HR software streamlines the process of talent acquisition and performance management. It aids in recruiting & onboarding, learning & development, performance management, rewards & recognitions, succession planning, etc.
  5. All-in-one HRM Platform: Our robust software is an all-in-one HR platform that takes care of a broad spectrum of activities like talent acquisition, digital onboarding, time-off & leaves, talent & performance monitoring, payroll management, learning management, travel & expense, etc.
  6. Automation: Our HRM solution is aimed at automating mundane tasks and complex HR processes – streamlining operations for the HR team, improving employee satisfaction, reduce errors, and cut down costs.
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