PTO Tracking Software

Take a Permanent Time Off From Manually Tracking Employee PTO

Is your company still stuck with spreadsheets to track employee Paid Time Off (PTO)? Break the time-consuming and error-prone mundane tasks, and save your time & effort with WorxQ PTO tracking software. Simple, accurate and intuitive – easily track and manage all PTO, leave, and vacation requests from one system. From automatic notifications to calendar integrations, WorxQ will take care of paid time-off for you.

  1. 1-click time-off requests
  2. Secure & centralized
  3. Instant notifications and approvals
  4. Simple & hassle-free absence tracking
  5. Real-time tracking of leave balances and accruals
  6. Cloud-based PTO tracking platform that provides quick access at any time and from anywhere

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Track Employee Paid Time-Off the WorxQ Way: Accurate & Simple

WorxQ brings to you a one-of-a-kind PTO tracking software that makes employee leave monitoring easy and hassle-free. When an employee updates a PTO request on the platform, the manager will receive instant notifications via mobile, email, or on the WorxQ account dashboard. Within a few seconds, check for calendar conflicts and approve PTO even quickly.

The employee will be automatically notified upon approval and balance leaves will be updated on the system. The entire process runs smoothly, saving more time and effort. It is a great alternative to traditional paperwork, emails or spreadsheets through which handling requests can be time-consuming and frustrating. Now employees can seamlessly request time-off and receive approvals within minutes.

  1. Employee Self-Service – Empowering Your People

    “How much time off do I have?” This is one of the most common questions every HR manager encounter umpteen times a day. Give them the power of WorxQ PTO tracking software. Our platform provides employee self-service access that allows your people to update PTO, sick, and vacation time. Not only they can check their leave policies, accruals and balances, but can also request time off with a single click.

    Every feature is designed to improve employee satisfaction as well as increase HR productivity.

  2. Custom-Built PTO Tracking Software that Fits Your Work Policies

    Keeping in mind that PTO policy for each organization is different, WorxQ is designed to offer tailored solutions. Create as many PTO policies on your account, set unlimited PTO regulations for a team, or even build individual policies for each employee you want – we provide that much flexibility and control.

    Enjoy a wide range of customization features, including changing accruals based on department or location, etc. A perfect solution that fits every organization and work policy!

  3. Effective Staffing & Workforce Scheduling on Your Fingertips

    Manually tracking PTO can bring in a lot of errors and discrepancies in the workflow. Even a small accidental gap can cost your organization significantly. That’s where WorxQ PTO tracking software can help. At a glance, it allows you to check which employees are scheduled time-off today or anytime in the future. This enables HR managers to approve paid time-off requests and maintain optimal staffing at all times.

    Scheduling becomes simple and hassle-free when managers have clarity of their personnel’s availability. Our software provides that transparency to you.

  4. Strategic Reporting Made Easy and Hassle-Free

    Tracking PTO on paper or spreadsheets? Then accurate reporting might just be a dream for you. However, with WorxQ, managers can create as many reports as they want with just a few clicks. Our platform also allows you to delve deeper into the report and identify trends in employee PTO, helping you make strategic decisions for your organization.

    Set approval workflows, integrate more people, give access to reports, and ensure no time-off request goes unanswered or unseen.

  1. Simplify Employee Time-Off Management, Increase Employee Satisfaction, and Improve Overall Bottom Line With WorxQ PTO Tracking Software